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Pico, Stewie, Babine

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Co-Founder / Volunteer


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Located in Southern Ontario. We service the

GTA. Hamilton, Niagara and beyond!


A Bit from Niki

There's not a day in my life that I remember not being worried about animals in need. My very first daydream was of someday owning a giant property, split into 2 by a long driveway, full of dogs on one side and cats on the other, with enough room for every one who needed it. Decades later, the internet brought to light the reality of dogs’ fate in shelters and there was no turning off the mental images of a shaking, terrified dog huddled in a tight little ball in the corner of a filthy kennel, desperately wishing itself back home.

I started following a group of volunteers at a high-kill shelter in Houston on Facebook when they posted a gorgeous dog who had had no interest. She was to be euthanized in the morning, and I was horrified. I started reaching out to rescuers in the area, and within a few hours, we’d gotten her released from the shelter and into a kennel where she was safe. Transport to Niagara Falls was found, so she came to my house to be fostered until I found her an amazing home. I realized then that I really could save dogs’ lives from 1,500 miles away, and give them fabulous new lives here in Ontario. And so my rescue adventures began!

A Bit From Robyn

Strangely, though I grew up on a farm, my family did not like dogs. So I grew up petting every dog I saw on the street and begging my parents every birthday until finally, my parents gifted me a dog. When her and I grew older and we lost eachother, I felt a hole in my heart that I couldn't seem to replace, so my sister and I went on a road trip to Mississippi. We ended up coming across a dumping ground where we found a stray Pitbull and her two young puppies, and so it began. We kept the mama and named her K.D. (Kraft Dinner). This inspired me to start my own dog rescue. In Jan 2020 "Red Dog Rescue" was born, (named after K.D. who was a red dog). In 2 years we saved 500 lives, vetting and rehoming them in Ontario. The rescue grew in size and with size came stress. That chapter in my life ended, but the rescue carried on. 

After some time I ran into Niki, a "small town girl" who wanted to keep her rescue small and low key/close knit. We started to work together. She already had the backbone of the rescue, it just needed some structure and business guidance. With Niki's big heart and my experience, we created Last Minute Dog Rescue. Our dream come true.

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