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Adoption Fees:


<1 year old = $850

1-5 years = $750

6-8 years = $650

>8 years = $550

Adoption Fees:

Our adoption fees go towards the cost of expenses of fully vetting (spay/neuter/fecal/deworm/vaccinate), transport and boarding, as well as paying for food/toys/leashes/dog beds/crates etc. for the foster dogs. If you cannot afford our adoption fees, you probably should reconsider adopting a dog as owning a dog is a very large financial responsibility. Some of these dogs have cost us more than our adoption fee, which is why we run events to raise money for the sick/injured.

Getting Started

Ready to adopt a dog? Start by looking through our adoptable dogs! When you find a match to your home/lifestyle, fill out the above adoption form and someone will get back to you as quickly as we can. 

Next step, we will reach out to you to book an interview and contact your references. Make sure your references are waiting by their computers/phones!

Black Dog
Man with his Dog

Next Steps

Just because you are approved to adopt with us (passing interview/references) unfortunately doesn't mean you will be approved for the specific dog you applied for.

We pride ourselves in getting to know our dogs personalities as best as possible and sometimes an amazing family may not be the best match for the dog they want! 

For example, and old dog may not be suited for a home with lots of stairs, and a young strong pup may not be suited for an apartment! We will do our best to make sure everyone ends up happy regardless, but

"Trust the Process!"

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