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  • What are your adoption fees?
    Our adoption fees are extremely reasonable! Usually our fees just barely cover the costs of vetting each dog and transporting them up to Canada, so really, there is barely an adoption fee at all! If the dog is sickly and we treated them before they came to Canada, we may even take a financial loss on the dog. For puppies under 1 year = $850 For dogs 1 year - 4 years = $750 For dogs 5 year - 8 years = $650 For dogs over 8 years = $550
  • How many dogs do you normally save?
    That all depends on how many people are willing to adopt! We average about 2-3 dogs a month currently, but hope to get our numbers up over time as we grow!
  • Do the dogs bring diseases up from Texas that expose Canadian dogs?
    Though there is always the chance that a disease can come up, we do our very best to avoid this from happening by quarentining our dogs for 14 days in foster homes before they come to Canada. This helps ensure that Kennel Cough, Parvovirus and many other contagious diseases don't spread rampantly on transport.
  • Where are you located?
    We do not have a primary location. Our dogs are fostered and adopted all around Ontario. This may mean the dog you apply for will need to get picked up further away from your home, come adoption day, however we can usually accommodate a day/time that works best for our adopters!
  • The dog I was interested in disappeared off the website, what does that mean?"
    This means the dog is no longer available for adoption. Either the dog was approved to be adopted with someone else, or something came up that made the dog not adoptable at that time. You can still send us an email at to inquire about any dog (on or off the website).
  • Why do you save dogs from Texas? Why not save the local ones?
    Though there are dogs in Ontario that need to be saved, most of them make it out alived due to amazing local rescues. However, Texas has one of the highest euthanizing rates between all the provinces of Canada and states of the USA. We focus on getting dogs out of kill shelters and away from almost certain death. In the near future, we may start pulling from Ontario shelters as well, see is they are starting to fill up, (post-lockdowns).
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