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Getting Started

Fill out the foster application above and sit tight! One of our volunteers will reach out and take you step-by-step through the approval process. 

Once approved, we will provide everything needed!

Bowls, crates, food, etc.

Then we will let you know which dogs need help!

We will arrange pick up/drop off and you get to spoil the dog until a new home comes along! 

Hiking with a dog
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Dog Friends

How long am I looking at?

Though we can't confirm an end date for fostering (as we never know when a perfect family is going to adopt the dog), most fostering is a couple weeks to a month. There's lots you can do to help get your dog adopted quicker! See below.


Too much of a commitment? Consider offering "short term fostering" where you are available for emergencies only!

How can I help dogs get adopted?

So you're fostering but you crave to do more? Want to help as many dogs as possible?


Here are a few ideas:

Focus on advertising the dog in your care on social media and talk about them to everyone you meet!

Help your dog learn basic training so that they become more adoptable.

Send us photos/updates/videos all the time so we can update our followers on social media to bring the dog in your care the most attention possible.

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